Yesterday, I was birding with my dad on Amherst Island..Here is a species list: ON THE FERRY: American coot 1, Canada goose 2,Mallard 4, ON THE DRIVE TO OWL WOODS: Sharp-shinned hawk 1, Cooper’s hawk ?, American starling 50+, Snow bunting 30, Mourning dove 50+, Rock pigeon 30, White-crowned sparrow 2, House sparrow 15, American kestrel 2, Bald eagle 3, Red-tailed hawk 1, Rough-legged hawk 3 or 4, Trumpeter swan 2, Canada Goose 500+, American tree sparrow 10 OWL WOODS: Black-capped chickadee 50+, Boreal Chickadee 1, Downy woodpecker 1, White-breasted nuthatch 1, Northern cardinal 1, Ring-necked pheasant 2, Barred owl 1 Long-eared owl 3, Northern saw-whet owl 3 There was a Northern hawk owl seen at house #4455. We did not see any Snowy Owls, although some have been seen there this year.

Location: Amherst Island, across from Millhaven, Ontario
Observer: Luke Berg

Categories: Sightings

Drew Monkman

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