On May 21, I found this in our front garden on the bark mulch. Do you have any idea what this may be? It is soft and easily broken up.     Laurie Wuis

(Note: According to Don Sutherland at the Natural Heritage Information Centre, this is a slime mold called Dog Vomit Fungus (Fuligo septica) – slime mold.  It is fairly common on bark mulches. George Barron in Mushrooms of Ontario and Eastern Canada writes that this species forms a “cake-like mass…with a smooth but brittle crust which breaks away to reveal a black spore mass…. is widespread and common… will occur often in the rich soil of well-manured gardens” D.M.)

Dog Vomit Fungus - Laurie Wuis - May 2014

Dog Vomit Fungus – Laurie Wuis – May 2014


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