On February 14, I saw a Great Gray Owl at 5:00 pm, perched on a large oak tree, across the road from 765 Cordova Road. Marmora ON  Denise Doekes

I heard about a Great Gray Owl several days ago on the southern edge of Cordova Mines village, which would be several kilometres north of the Marmora bird (above),  so perhaps another bird altogether. Tim Dyson

At 4:30 pm on February 12, we found a Great Gray Owl on just south of Peterborough.  Sue Sauvé & Ian Attridge

In the afternoon of February 12, I saw a Great Gray Owl just outside of Omemee.  Scott Gibson

A Great Gray Owl was also seen south of Lindsay on February 12. Reported to Drew Monkman

On January 15, at the Harold Town Conservation Area east of Peterborough, a Great Gray Owl was “sighted in dense center understood, flew from perch once sighted. Much darker than barred owl, with no barring on chest.”  Michael Light

NOTE: In 2004-05, Tim Dyson figures he saw a minimum of 105 Great Gray Owls between December 24th and April 16th, mostly in Peterborough County.

Great Gray Owl in 2014 – Tom Northey

Great Gray Owl – Tim Dyson

Great Gray Owl near Cavan in March 2012 – Frank Batty

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