2nd year Bald (left) & 3rd year Golden. Note the long tail & small head of the Golden. Photo by Tim Dyson

A 2nd year Bald Eagle (left) & a 3rd year Golden Eagle. Note the longer tail & smaller head of the Golden. Photo by Tim Dyson

1. On March 12, 2013, circling fairly low about 2kms west of Cordova Mines, north of Marmora, was a first winter Golden Eagle. Joined shortly by two Bald Eagles, (one first, and one second winter bird), the trio ascended and left the area. I suspect they all may have been dining together nearby, prior to the sighting.

2. On April 17,  2013, in a slow glide flying north directly over Highway 28 just north of Haultain, was a near-adult Golden Eagle. The bird had one inner primary with considerable white showing, otherwise, looked to be in full adult dress. I would guess at the very least a third year bird, but most likely fourth or perhaps even older. (Sometimes one or two older first or second year flight feathers can hang on for years.)
Golden Eagle (left) & Common Raven  (Tim Dyson)

Golden Eagle (left) & Common Raven (Tim Dyson)

3. On November 2, 2013, soaring at about 100 metres above the earth, over the spot where the North River empties into the west side of Belmont Lake, Havelock/Belmont/Methuen, was a first winter Golden Eagle.The bird appeared shortly after the rain had stopped. It rose for a few minutes, before entering a shallow, though very fast stoop towards Round Lake to the west.


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