On October 26, while raising a dock for a client on Quarry Bay on the north shore of Stoney Lake at early dusk, I paused a moment when I thought I heard Sandhill Cranes. A few seconds later, I could hear them again, and looked up at what had to be the largest flock of cranes I had ever seen. They were heading west, before turning slightly north/west, and were about 800 metres up flying in a “V” formation, not unlike geese typically do. They were close together, and difficult to count at first, but once 19 of them broke free from the rest into two groups of their own, I was able to count the entire flock in the three groups. They numbered 7, 12, and 43 for a grand total of 62 birds in the entire bunch!

Tim Dyson,
Stoney Lake

Sandhill Crane in flight - Wikimedia

Sandhill Crane in flight – Wikimedia

Sandhill Cranes - Wendy-Leszkowicz

Sandhill Cranes – Wendy Leszkowicz

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Drew Monkman

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