1. We observed our first Northern River Otter of the season on April 1. He  watched us for a few minutes until he got to a hole in the ice and went under. reported by: Rose Rogers, Fothergill Island, Ennismore

Killdeer - Wikimedia

Killdeer – Wikimedia

2. On March 31, there was a Barred Owl calling on Ford Crescent in Cavan. On April 1, there was a Killdeer at Highland Park Cemetery in Peterborough. The same day at Little Lake Cemetery, I saw 2 Merlins, Ring-necked Ducks, Common Goldeneyes, Buffleheads, Common Mergansers, Red-breasted Mergansers, Hooded Mergansers and a Long-tailed Duck. reported by: Ken Rumble

3. Anne Corke, who lives just south of Peterborough, found three Killdeer on March 31.

4. Peregrine Falcon

  • – Reported Apr 01, 2014 08:30 by Matthew Garvin
  • – PTBO – Charlotte and Aylmer, Peterborough, Ontario
  • Map:
  • Checklist:
  • – Comments: “Flying low and fast over intersection of Charlotte and Aylmer, large falcon, stiff wingbeats,”
Eastern Bluebird - Kelly Dodge

Eastern Bluebird – Kelly Dodge

5. Peregrine Falcon

  • – Reported Apr 01, 2014 17:30 by Kyle Cameron
  • – Peterborough–Millennium Park, Peterborough, Ontario
  • Map:
  • Checklist:
  • – Comments: “Large falcon flying high near Quaker factory. Seen through binoculars.”

6.On our regular walk on Six Foot Bay Road (Buckhorn), my neighbour and I saw a male Eastern Bluebird fly from the golf course, across the road in front of us, and then join a mixture of other birds at a feeder.

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