I had an Eastern Screech Owl, today, taking a snooze on a ledge outside my shed.

“Early this morning my dog Earl, sitting on his couch in front of the HD window, as we call it, let out ear piercing barks that made his body bounce at an intruder in his yard. Sitting in a pool of bloody snow was a Barred Owl. He was not the source of blood but a rabbit whose one ear, no longer attached to the head, was protruding from the owl’s beak. Not a pleasant sight but everyone has to eat and that he did. Without disturbing him, we watched and I snapped a few pictures with my phone, through the dirty window- make a note to wash those this year. Occasionally he put his head up and looked me directly in the eyes daring me to, I know not what. Whether his appetite had been filled or the two pair of eyes watching him were annoying to the diner, he decided to move. Rabbit in his strong claws, he unfurled his big wings and flapped the ‘going up’ flap. Nothing but a small drag forward. Repeat the performance. Result was the same. He puffed out his chest feathers and appeared to make even his wings twice as big. An intake of breath and a bit of what might be considered a jump start and …….. nothing. No wonder the owl makes a good cartoon character. At this point I felt sorry for him. With intent to pick up the rabbit with a shovel and heave it over the fence, out of sight and smell of the dog, I went outside. Owl flew silently into the bush. His rabbit awaits.” From Marie’s blog “Dogpatch” at http://msdogpatch.blogspot.ca

Location: Bailieboro, near Rice Lake
Observer: Marie Adamcryck

Categories: Sightings

Drew Monkman

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