Don Davis, a leading expert on Monarchs in Ontario, discussed the matter of growing milkweeds in gardens with the Chief Weed Inspector for Ontario, who stated that the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture does not have a problem with anyone growing milkweeds in their garden unless this is close to horticultural or agricultural crops. Many feel that our Ontario Weed Control Act needs revising. Here is what is posted on the internet at: Can I plant milkweed in my garden? As long as the population of milkweed planted doesn’t negatively affect agricultural or horticultual land by spreading seed and new vegetative plant material (i.e. root stock) into fields, nurseries or greenhouses then it is acceptable to plant milkweed in your garden. It is recommended that you consult with your local weed inspector and/or neighbours so that all parties involved are comfortable that the impact to agriculture or horticulture is negligible. Municipalities are another matter. In many cases, the Weed Control Act is used to force certain property owners to clean up their properties and lots. I have never heard of anyone being charged for having milkweed growing and contained in their garden. The same with regard to the Ontario Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, which requires permits for rearing monarchs. I have never heard of anyone, including hundreds of teachers who rear monarchs in the classroom, being bothered by MNR.


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