Male Evening Grosbeak - Wikimedia

Male Evening Grosbeak – Wikimedia

A pair of Evening Grosbeaks visited our cardinal feeder on November 15 at about noon. They enjoyed a good feed of safflower seeds. They were only here for about 15 minutes, the beautiful male arriving at the feeder first and the female a few minutes later.

Cheryl Lewis, Oakwood Crescent, Peterborough

Note: Evening Grosbeaks very rarely show up in Peterborough anymore. However, they were abundant at city feeders in the 60’s and 70’s, mostly because huge outbreaks of spruce budworm in the boreal forest, hence more reproduction. They’ve been much scarcer since. The only place I know of in the region where you can count on seeing them most years is the feeder at the Visitor Centre at Algonquin Park.


Drew Monkman

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