Moose in roadside ditch - Terry Carpenter

Moose in roadside ditch – Terry Carpenter

This morning, I got a call from a neighbour who said a Moose was looking in her window at Scotsman’s Point Resort on Six Foot Bay Road

. When it left through the bush, it crossed our firelane (40) and I got a few photos. Either a youngster, or a female (no antlers). It certainly wasn’t shy – I left when it started walking toward me!¬†

Well, I thought it was gone. However, an hour later I set off for a walk with the dog, and the Moose was standing in the bush close to our house. The dog naturally started barking at it, both of them had their hackles up. Then the Moose started walking toward the dog. Camera still in my pocket, I got more pics. I backed up to a neighbour’s house with the Moose following. Soon there were 7 people and 2 dogs all near it, and the Moose as calm as could be. He wasn’t interested in the apples that were offered.

I have no experience with these creatures. Is it normal for them to be so tame? It didn’t appear to be sick or mangy, or even confused. When he got bored with us, he slowly wandered away. What a morning! I love the Kawarthas!

Toni Sinclair, Six Foot Bay Road, Buckhorn


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