During late March, I took daily photos of a White-tailed Deer that
had been killed by Coyotes nearby on lower Chemong Lake. It was very
interesting to see the daily changes in the carcass.
If you look through the various photos you will
observe several photos showing clumps of hair removed and discarded by
the Coyotes. You will also observe how the carcass gets dragged to a
new location almost every day, at one point it was 100 feet away from
the original kill site.

Here is the link.

My last foray onto the ice was April 6th: after that the ice was not
safe. Using binoculars we kept an eye on the carcass until ice-out
when it disappeared and now resides on the lake bottom.

Don McLeod, Chemong Lake

Chemong Lake deer kill -Don McLeod

Chemong Lake deer kill -Don McLeod

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