24 April – There was an Eastern Towhee lustily singing at Dafoe and the Rotary Trail this morning.
Farther north, near the Trent U. footbridge, was a singing Brown Thrasher. Flying over the bridge itself were at least 2 Rough-winged Swallows

23 April in Meadowvale Park, near TASSS, one feebly singing Winter Wren and a Hermit Thrush

Yellow-rumped Warbler - Jeff Keller

Yellow-rumped Warbler – Jeff Keller

April 21 – Swamp Sparrow singing near Trent U at Pioneer

Hermit Thrush - Wikimedia

Hermit Thrush – Wikimedia









April 17 – Chipping Sparrow, Barn Swallow and Yellow-rumped Warbler all near trail & Dafoe.

April 15 – Field Sparrow singing near Dafoe & Armour

April 7 – (2) Eastern Phoebe at Little Lake Cemetary
(4) Horned Grebes  at Little Lake.
Pied-billed Grebe  “ ’” ””

April 3 – Osprey over Otonabee near Dafoe and Armour.

March  21  – ( 3 ) Eastern Bluebirds flying low and calling over “ “ “.

March  28 – Killdeer calling over Scollard Dr.

March 11 – (3) Long-tailed Ducks beneath Ptbo. Zoo Dam.

March 7 – Song Sparrow singing at Cunningham and Armour Rd.

Feb. 1- March 24 – male Northern Flicker came to suet in my backyard near TASSS.

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