Here is a picture of “Cyclops”, a Snapping Turtle.  This is the nick name we gave the turtle when we first saw it over 20 years ago.  It has this growth above one eye, hence the nickname. The interesting story here is that about two years ago some of our neighbors saw the turtle stranded in the water with a fish hook in its mouth and fishing line wrapped around it. The turtle was pretty lethargic. They worked on it for quite a while to get the hook out and to remove all the fishing line. We did not see Cyclops last year and presumed it had died. But low and behold Cyclops is back.  It loves to come up on our shore line and that’s where we first encountered it more than two decades ago. I am not sure if Cyclops is male or female, but the animal does appear to be very old. When we first spotted Cy over 20 years ago, he/she was coming up on our point, where there is easy access for a turtle.  I have never seen evidence of eggs though. Derry Fairweather, Buckhorn Lake



Cyclops - Derry Fairweather

Cyclops – Derry Fairweather

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