This evening (Dec. 23, 2015) at approx. 20:00 I heard three separate packs of Coyotes howling. It was an exceptionally mild night (+7 C) with a light wind from the east, and a waxing moon just barely visible in between light showers.The howling started in the SE, back behind Stovehaven subdivision. Very enthusiastic, with howls and yips of many individuals. A pack east up County Rd. 43 joined in, and then one to the south, across County Rd.25. The whole serenade lasted about 2 minutes, then quit entirely.

I was awakened at 4:00 this morning by the sound of Spring Peepers calling. I continued to hear calling from several directions up until about 8:00, when the wind started blowing strongly. Temperature 17 C.

Valerie Kirkwood
Acton’s Corners (near Kemptville, ON)
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Eastern Coyote on Otonabee River - Tom Northey.

Eastern Coyote on Otonabee River – Tom Northey.

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