If you are walking along the Trans-Canada Trail near Lily Lake, keep an eye out for a Ruffed Grouse, almost acting like a ‘tame chicken’ –  on the main path between the pedestrian bridge to the new housing development and the Lily Lake bridge.  My son Greg and I saw it on the path yesterday at about 5 pm as it watched 2 runners go by. Then it (finally) went into the bush as a man with a dog passed. It came out of the bush again to see us and walked around our legs for quite awhile but didn’t seem to be expecting a handout.

Shelley Marchand, Peterborough

NOTE: For largely unknown reasons, some grouse lose or never develop a fear of humans and will walk right up to you.  This time of year is also called their “crazy season” because they will often fly into all manner of objects: garage doors, windows, badminton nets, etc. These may be inexperienced young grouse leaving the family group to establish their own separate territory. Clearly, some are not the greatest navigators! D.M.

Tame Ruffed Grouse approaching Rob Welsh near Stony Lake

Tame Ruffed Grouse approaching Rob Welsh near Stony Lake

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