Thought I would forward these photos to you. The first photo was taken of Stanley, “my” tame Ring-billed Gull, in July. The obvious red eyes and red gape. His head is pure white.

The second photo was taken Aug 15. I had noticed his red colouring was fading and he was developing pin feathers of a darker colour on his head.

The third photo was taken of Stanley Aug 30th. Although the eye still has some red it is more subdued. When his beak is closed, the gape is not red. Note the new feathering coming in on his head and shoulders – which I thought indicates a young premature gull. I did not know the adult changed so much over the summer.

Barb Evett

Ring-billed-Gull-in-July-with-red-eyes-and-red-gape -Barb-Evett

Ring-billed Gull in July with red eyes and red gape – Barb Evett

Ring-billed-Gull-in-August-15 -Barb-Evett

Ring-billed Gull on August 15 -Barb Evett


Ring-billed Gull – August 30 – Gape is no longer red. Note new dark feathers on head -Barb Evett

Drew Monkman

I am a retired teacher, naturalist and writer with a love for all aspects of the natural world, especially as they relate to seasonal change.