There was a large increase in the number of butterfly species today (May 26).  Jerry Ball and I walked the Trans-Canada Trail from County Rd 38 to Blezard Line and saw 21 species as follows;

Clouded Sulphur 43, Silvery Blue 69, Red Admiral 6, Dreamy Duskywing 5, Northern Spring Azure 4, American Lady 3, Meadow Fritillary 4, Juvenal’s Duskywing 1, Cherry Gall Azure 3, Mustard White 8, Common Ringlet 3, Northern Crescent 12, Hobomok Skipper 4, Tawny-edged Skipper 7, Pearl Crescent 2, Viceroy 1, Black Swallowtail 1, Mourning Cloak 1, Canadian Tiger Swallowtail 1, Eastern Comma 2, Arctic Skipper 2

Tony Bigg, Lakefield

Red Admiral - Margot Hughes

Red Admiral – Margot Hughes

American Lady - Wikimedia

American Lady – Wikimedia

Spring Azure - male - Wikimedia

Spring Azure – male – Wikimedia


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