May 7 – Blue-gray Gnatcatcher this morning at Meadowvale Pk. TASSS just west of trail – nearby were 5 Palm Warblers and Warbling Vireos. Savannah Sparrow and Eastern Meadowlark were seen below the football field. At Lakefield Campground marsh: Eastern Kingbird, and amorous pairs of Northern Harrier and Pileated Woodpecker. At Lakefield Sewage Lagoons – Green Heron and Bobolinks.

May 6 – Blooming and welcome wildflowers at Trent U. west canal trails and also at Burnham Prov. Park.: Large-flowered Bellwort. Hepatica, Spring Beauty, Blue Cohosh and Trout Lily. Birds: Brown Creeper singing, amorous Northern Flickers (copulating), Black-throated Green Warblers and, at Trent, great looks at vole-like behaviour of Field Sparrows. An Eastern Towhee remains singing along the ridge near Dafoe and the East Rotary Trail. Still two juncos at feeder near TASSS.

May 5 – Broad-winged Hawk above Pencier Trail/canal and Ruffed grouse drumming-somehow eluding dogs. At least 4 Black-and-White Warblers, 5 Northern Waterthrush and 3 Winter Wren singing in a Swamp Idol contest here with silent Hermit Thrush. Early morning garter snakes in sun after 5 days of rain. Marsh marigold not blooming.

May 4 – Virginia Rail calling from marsh adjacent to Burnham PP.
May 3 – Yellow Warbler at Dafoe/Rotary Trail.
May 2 – White-crowned Sparrow feeder near TASSS.
May 1 – Northern Waterthrush, Ruffed Grouse – Cavan Swamp.
April 29 – Spotted Sandpiper and Bank Swallow off Meadowvale Park.

Sean Smith, Peterborough

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher - Karl Egressy

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher – Karl Egressy

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