I got this shot of a yawning Red Fox in Millbrook on April 20. Jeff Keller

My daughter, Jennifer, went for a walk in a park today, April 25, and came across these Painted Turtles.  She said it was fun to watch them trying to get a spot on the logs. Bev Bridgman

A mom Red Fox and half a dozen kits near Hague Point in Lakefield on April 24. I managed to snap these shots. Guy Hanchet

Sorry, but it’s not the best shot of this Eastern Bluebird but I had to hurry. This was on April 21. I wonder what it thought about all this white stuff? Wayne and Annie Stovell

Flying Squirrels come to our deck in the middle of the night. Their nocturnal ways help keep them away from predators like hawks, and they slip under the radar of most owls. The pair we have is interesting because of their difference in size. One is much larger than the other because we think, one is a Southern Flying Squirrel while the small one is a Northern Flying Squirrel. The Southerns are moving north and mating with Northerns, creating hybrids. They are all quick , agile and fun to watch as they glide about. Sometimes it’s worth a late night look. Ralph Ingleton, Stoney Lake

On April 19, I came across the remains of this Giant Puffball from last fall in the fields by the water tower in Lakefield. It was still releasing spores when I stepped on it. This was the smaller of the two I saw. It’s great when something has a name that so clearly describes it. Guy Hanchet

I managed to photograph this American Woodcock on April 18 at Young’s Point. Jeff Keller

On April 17, I saw a pair of Mallards sitting near the top of a dead pine. They were trying to take over an established Osprey nest in the next tree. The Ospreys prevailed and eventually the Mallards moved on. There are 3 active nests near Dodsworth Island on Stoney Lake. Rob Welsh

On April 13, on Nicholson Road near Bensort Corners, I saw this Short-eared owl and a grey, ghost-like Northern Harrier that was gathering nesting material. Carl Welbourn

Today, April 12, I photographed this Great Egret in the Sawers Creek Wetland on Lynch Rock Road. Carl Welbourn

We live on Gannon Bay, Buckhorn Lake, and these three Trumpeter Swans arrived April 1 and stayed with us for 3 days. Pete Martin

This was the scene outside our front window on the morning of April 5 when a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers came to visit. The suet was all gone but the male spent some time at the peanuts. Jim Cashmore, Claudette Court off of Wallis Drive

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