On Sunday, April 11, about 30 people took part in the first PFN Sunday Morning Bird Walk of the spring. We first of all went to the Trent Wildlife Sanctuary where we saw and/or heard a good variety of species including Ring-necked Duck, Eastern Phoebe, Turkey Vulture, Northern Harrier, American Kestrel, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Field Sparrow, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and large numbers of Tree Swallows at the boxes. On April 10th, an Eastern Bluebird was perched on one of the boxes, but we could not find it on Sunday. Afterwards, most of the group went up to the Lakefield Sewage Lagoons where the most noteworthy birds were Bufflehead (30+), Common Goldeneye (4), Ring-necked Duck (6), Lesser Scaup (8), Mallard, Gadwall (2), and Blue-winged Teal (2).

Location: Trent University/Lakefield
Observer: PFN

Categories: Sightings

Drew Monkman

I am a retired teacher, naturalist and writer with a love for all aspects of the natural world, especially as they relate to seasonal change.