I went shooting photos today with my friends, Carl and Dave, in search of a Snowy Owl. First we checked at County Rd. 19 but had no luck. We then took Hwy 7 west to Lindsay, as Carl saw owls along that route yesterday while out for a drive with his wife and, go figure, he didn’t have his camera. We had no luck along that route and tried around Lindsay airport where Carl and I saw one on Dec.20th and again we had no luck. We decided to try along Hwy 36 and finally we hit pay dirt as there was one on the wires just south of Snug Harbour Road, north of Lindsay. I have added a picture of the owl.

Snowy Owl - Tim Corner - Dec. 31, 2014

Snowy Owl – Tim Corner – Dec. 31, 2014

Tim Corner

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