Blue-spotted Salamander - Luke Berg

Blue-spotted Salamander – Luke Berg

Last night I went out with my dad and Dave Milsom to see what amphibians we could find on the roads (Birchview and Camp Line specifically) just north of Lakefield. The vast majority of the amphibians were on Birchview Road and were as follows:

  • – Blue-spotted Salamander = 44
  • – Spotted (Yellow-spotted) Salamander = 25
  • – Red-backed Salamander = 7 normal 2 “Lead-backed” form
  • – Wood Frog = 20
  • – Spring Peeper = ~150
  • – American Toad = 4
  • – Northern Leopard Frog = 15
  • – Pickerel Frog = 12
  • – Gray Tree Frog = 2 DOR
Spotted Salamander - Luke Berg

Spotted Salamander – Luke Berg

The best time to go is at night just after a rain or in the rain. If you move the creatures off the road, make sure you move them the way they are facing, otherwise they will just try to cross again.

Directions: From Lakefield follow the main road north and turn left at the lights (onto 28). Follow 28 until you get to Birchview Road (turn right). Otherwise go straight through at the lights and turn left onto Camp Line Road; these two roads connect. Drive slowly along these roads and watch for frogs and salamanders.

Luke Berg

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