Sharp-shinned Hawk -  Catherine Paradis

Sharp-shinned Hawk – Jan. 27 2014 – Catherine Paradis

This morning, we had an encounter with a Sharp-shinned Hawk in our yard. My mom and I got to watch this hawk devour an unfortunate Mourning Dove for over an hour about 15 feet from our living room window. We had assumed it was a male Cooper’s Hawk, because it was smaller than our usual visitor, but when it had finished eating, it perched in our tree and proceeded to clean its beak, allowing us to capture some photographs of the square, slightly-notched tail, typical of the Sharp-shinned.

Sharpie eating a Mourning Dove - Catherine Paradisis

Sharpie eating a Mourning Dove – Jan. 27, 2014 –  Catherine Paradisis

Catherine and Sue Paradisis, Tudor Crescent

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