Eastern Meadowlark - Karl Egressy

Eastern Meadowlark – Karl Egressy

20 birders enjoyed a beautiful Spring day’s birding in the Peterborough and Cobourg areas on April 6. A group total of 79 species included several highlights :

  • A Greater White-fronted Goose + 10 Cackling Geese at Garden Hill Pond north of Port Hope;
  • 7 Cackling Geese at Mather’s Corners; 3 grebes, Common Loon, Osprey, as well as numerous ducks including Blue-winged Teal and Lesser Scaup on the Otonabee River north of Peterborough ; Bald Eagle on the nest north of Lakefield ( Young’s Point Road); Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Northern Shrike, Eastern Meadowlark, Eastern Bluebird, Pileated Woodpecker, 4 Sandhill Cranes, 3 swan species, 10 species of raptor; 5 gull species including Iceland and Lesser Black-backed.

Many thanks to co-leaders Luke Berg and Matthew Tobey for their great spotting.

Dave Milsom

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