Snowy Owl 1 - Nicki Williams-Tays

Snowy Owl (female) – Nicki Williams-Tays

I had a friend of mine send me your article in the Peterbrough Examiner about the Snowy Owls. I am located in the Niagara Region. Last year we had one of these birds appear at the new hospital is St Catherines. It made headlines as people flocked to see it. There is now another owl again this year and in the same location. However, it is not the only owl in the region as there have been several other sightings, as well. I live in Welland and we have two Snowy Owls. There is a male and a female that have staked out territory around our Walmart and Canadian Tire.  There are quite a few fields around and we have watched them hunt and get mice.Most of the time you see them perched on top of our Dollar Store, on light posts and on signs.They don’t seem to be too bothered by the people around. My daughter is 7 and is fascinated by these birds. On New Year’s Day, when everything was closed, we went and watched them for a while. They are truly stunning. I have attached a couple of pictures that I took of them. t was great to see an article about these owls. Our local papers are just reporting on the traffic chaos that the owls are creating.

Snowy Owl (most likely a male) - Nicki Williams-Tays

Snowy Owl (most likely a male) – Nicki Williams-Tays

Nicki Williams-Tays

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