At about 10 day last week, I saw a “white owl” (a Snowy Owl, presumably) on the Hawkins property by the side of the road (Hawkins Road/6th Line) .

Snowy Owl (by Karl Egressy)

Snowy Owl (by Karl Egressy)

As I slowed the car down, it flew off at a low level to a huge rock in Hawkins field. I had my camera, so I rolled down the window and took a picture.I used the zoom as it was further away but I could make it out on the edge of the rock.It was making a high, peeping sound.I continued my drive around the corner and as I looked over towards the rock I realized I was closer than I had been before so I got out of the car to get a photo. Just as I took the shot, the owl flew away, but I still got the shot with his wings spread out.He headed right back to where I’d first seen him beside the road.

As for the Bald Eagles, I saw one about a month ago in the nest on the island in Hamilton Bay but nothing since then.
Nan Campbell, Hamilton Bay,Stony Lake
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