Trembling Aspen (Drew Monkman)

Trembling Aspen (Drew Monkman)

This afternoon, I walked the Trans-Canada Trail between the Wallis Drive access point and Lily Lake. Many of the trees and shrubs have already shed their leaves, probably as a result of the heavy rains of late.

flowers  in bloom: small numbers of Evening Primrose, Yarrow, Red Clover,  Black-eyed Susans (planted) and white asters (species uncertain)

yellow leaves: Trembling Aspen, Manitoba Maple, Choke Cherry, Northern Bush-honeysuckle

orange leaves: Sugar Maple (most have already fallen)

green leaves: European Buckthorn, Tartarian Honeysuckle

brown leaves: dead needles at base of twigs on Eastern White Cedars

Red-osier Dogwood

Red-osier Dogwood (Drew Monkman)

wine-coloured leaves : Red-osier Dogwood, High-bush Cranberry, Raspberry, Red Oak (small, planted tree)

berries in evidence: High-bush Cranberry, European Buckthorn, Wild Grape

seed in evidence: milkweed, New England Aster, goldenrods, Virgin Bower

sounds: a few ground-crickets, Golden-crowned Kinglets, Black-capped Chickadees, a Song Sparrow, a few  Common Grackles, a Blue Jay. The kinglets and chickadees responded immediately to my pishing and came in for close views.

smells: fallen leaves



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