Regarding your very informative and timely article on Snowy Owls this week, I would like to share our experience. We live on Fortye Drive in the subdivision across from Fleming College. On Christmas Day evening, at about 8 pm, I was walking by a window and noticed something dark sprawled across the snow in the backyard. I initially  thought it was a little pile of leaves. I went upstairs but came back down a very short time later, but this time what caught my eye was a huge owl sitting on the dark spot, which of course was a body. It was picking at it. I called my family and we all watched wondering what the “body” was, hoping to God it wasn’t a cat as there are a lot of feral cats around here. After a minute the owl turned its head towards us and then tried to take off with its prey, unsuccessfully. But the owl did not go far and perched in a neighbor’s tree. This happened two more times. The second time the owl was sitting high in a tree silhouetted by the streetlight and everything was icy. The view was surreal! The last time I looked out the owl and its dinner were both gone. I couldn’t say for sure it was a Snowy Owl but it was huge and given the number of sightings you mention I wouldn’t be surprised. We could not figure out what the owl had, maybe a rabbit or small fox.

Kathy Wright

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