Apr 262016

About two weeks ago, in the northeastern part of Peterborough County, I saw the following species. APRIL 14: Hubble Road – 3 Eastern Comma butterflies; Sandy Lake Road – 1 Eastern Comma and 1 Mourning Cloak. APRIL 15: Charlie Allan Road – 6 Compton Tortiseshell;  Galway/Cavendish Forest Access Road – 4 Eastern Comma, 2 Mourning Cloak, 2 Compton Tortiseshell and 46 Painted Turtles; Cedarwood Drive – 1 Compton Tortiseshell; Pencil Lake Road – 1 Mourning Cloak; Lou Philips Drive – 1 Mourning Cloak

Jerry Ball

Mourning Cloak - Maple Cr. - Apr. 2014 - Drew Monkman

Mourning Cloak – Maple Cr. – Apr. 2014 – Drew Monkman

Compton Tortoiseshell - Wikimedia

Compton Tortoiseshell – Wikimedia


Eastern Comma - Terry Carpenter

Eastern Comma – Terry Carpenter


Apr 262016

I went out for a walk on April 20 at Beavermead and Roger’s Cove in the beautiful sunshine. In Roger’s Cove, I found a patch of violets in bloom, on the right side of the trail near the locks.
Carrying on towards Beavermead, I saw a Common Loon fishing in the bay. I also spotted some Coltsfoot blooming nearby. Finally, I walked over towards the creek on the left and saw two painted turtles basking together on a log in the creek. But my favourite sighting has to be the one that I look forward to seeing every year, which is a large patch of blooming Bloodroot, which is in the wooded area creekside behind “The Cabin” chip truck.

Happy Trails,
Catherine Paradisis

Bloodroot - Drew Monkman

Bloodroot – Drew Monkman

Coltsfoot - Drew Monkman

Coltsfoot – Drew Monkman

Jun 272015

Today (June 26) my daughter, Cathy, and I decided to take my aluminum boat into the marsh wetland in front of my trailer at the Woodland Campsite near Buckhorn. We were looking for any possible photo opportunities. We arrived at a small clearing in the cattails and while bemusing a cedar tree trying to grow from a submerged stump, discovered a turtle at the base of the cedar basking in the sun. We allowed the boat to drift closer and discovered the turtle to be a Blanding”s Turtle.  It was not as skittish as the Painted Turtles tend to be and stayed put during the picture taking.

Barb Evett

Blanding's Turtle - Barb Evett

Blanding’s Turtle – Barb Evett

Jun 012015

On May 30th, about 4:30 pm, our first Painted Turtle laid her eggs in the sandy soil on the side of our driveway. She arrived about 3:30 in the pouring rain and made two attempts to dig a hole in the large gravelled turning circle, but the surface covering proved too difficult for her so she finally made her way up the drive to look for a more favourable site. She must have been very tired after all that exertion!

Stephenie Armstrong, Warsaw

Painted Turtle nesting (Rick Stankiewicz)

Painted Turtle nesting (Rick Stankiewicz)

May 312015

Last evening (May 30th) I saw two good sized Snapping Turtles up from the Otonabee River into our neighbourhood (Hazel Cres., OSM Twp.) First of the season and a bit early, as usually it’s the first week of June before we see them out and about.

Rick Stankiewicz, Keene

Snapping Turtle - Rick Stankiewicz (2007)

Snapping Turtle – Rick Stankiewicz (2007)

Snapping Turtle on roadside (Danielle Tassie - 2008)

Snapping Turtle on roadside (Danielle Tassie – 2008)

May 162015

Today, May 16, I saw two tiny Painted Turtles (hatchlings) on the Trans-Canada Trail east of the bridge at Lily Lake in the west end of Peterborough.

Sophie Monkman

Note: Baby Painted Turtles hatch out of eggs in the fall but don’t actually emerge fromj the ground until the following spring. They spend their first winter in the “nest.” All subsequent winters, however, are spent at the bottom of a pond or other body of water. According to Wikimedia, “The hatchling’s ability to survive winter in the nest has allowed the Painted Turtle to extend its range further north than any other Northe American turtle. The  turtle is genetically adapted to survive extended periods of subfreezing temperatures with blood that can remain supercooled and skin that resists penetration from ice crystals in the surrounding ground.”  D.M. 

Painted Turtle hatchling - Wikimedia

Painted Turtle hatchling – Wikimedia