May 312017

It was an interesting couple of days this past weekend at Woodland Campsite near Lakehurst for sightings.

A pair of Trumpeter Swans can be seen daily in the Sandy Creek Bay area. They are possibly nesting in the wetlands just south of the park. The camp owner managed to take photos last October of the mated pair and their two cygnets. Both adults are tagged (one tag is yellow with black numbers M87). The other one has not been identified yet.

A Red Fox (lean but healthy looking) ran past my trailer. This is the first one we have seen in the area in years.

I suddenly realized I was hearing a sound I love……. Common Ravens!! The nasally grunk of the raven went on for a few minutes. Then the sound was closer. Overhead, a family of four ravens flew over the camp, one raven calling during the flight. I had seen one last year……but now I believe they must be nesting in the area…….exciting!

Barb Evett

Common Raven – Wikimedia

Nov 202016

I spotted this little Red Fox north of Flynn’s Corners on November 1st. The pheasant I saw November 2 near Lindsay. It was my first time seeing one. I did not know they were wild around here.

Jeff Keller

Note: I don’t think they are reproducing in the wild. The usual explanation is that they are escapees from game farms, although I don’t know of any game farms in the area. D.M.

Red Fox - Jeff Keller

Red Fox – Jeff Keller


Ring-necked Pheasant - Lindsay - Nov. 2, 2016 - Jeff Keller

Ring-necked Pheasant – Lindsay – Nov. 2, 2016 – Jeff Keller