Apr 262017

On the afternoon of April 23, Sylvia and I went for a walk in the Trent Wildlife Sanctuary. When up on the drumlin, where the Tree Swallow boxes are, we met two young women birders who said they had just seen what they thought was a Northern Mockingbird. Almost on command the bird appeared and flew away from us. My first for the County. Who said the Wildlife Sanctuary never had any interesting birds! That semi-open area is perfect mockingbird habitat, and I’ll be checking to see if it stays around.    Jim Cashmore, Peterborough

Northern Mockingbird – Gord Mallory




Jan 142015

A locally-rare Northern Mockingbird is coming to my mother’s house at 2555 Trentview Drive, near the bridge over the Trent Canal at McFarlane Street. It sits daily on the back window ledge and in the bittersweet in her backyard. There is Virginia creeper growing up the back of the house where it sits, as well. The bird has been around since early fall, but I hadn’t got a clear view until today. People interested in seeing the bird can contact Laurie Wuis at 705-761-6703 or laurie.wuis@gmail.com

Kelly Simmonds

Northern Mockingbird - Trentview Drive - Kelly Simmonds - Jan. 2015

Northern Mockingbird – Trentview Drive – Kelly Simmonds – Jan. 2015