Jan 202017

I thought I’d pass along to you a couple of sightings from our home on the Indian River in the midst of the ice and freezing rain of January 17. From one window, we saw what was either a Sharp-shinned or Cooper’s Hawk sitting patiently, watching the bird feeders and hoping something would come along for his lunch. Then from another window we looked at the river, and saw a wolf or coyote standing for awhile in the rain on slushy ice, then he loped off upstream. I understand that wolves and coyotes can interbreed – this one looked more like a wolf than a coyote. It was a very healthy looking specimen with a large, square-ish head, a dark brown, grizzled coat and a definite black tip on the tail which was held low, between the back legs. Didn’t see him get anything to eat either!

Jane Bremner
Sawmill Road, Douro-Dummer

My guess is that the hawk was a Cooper’s. They are more common than Sharp-shinned Hawks and bolder, tending to sit out in the open more. As for the coyote/wolf, you probably saw an Eastern Coyote. I’m not aware of Eastern Wolves being seen south of Algonquin Park and the northern Haliburton Highlands. Also, it’s almost impossible to distinguish a wolf from a coyote visually. The real difference is in the weight, the wolf being much heavier.  D.M.


Cooper’s Hawk on bird it had captured (Karl Egressy)

Sharp-shinned Hawk – Lakefield  – Gwen Forsyth

Eastern Coyote on Otonabee River – Tom Northey.


Dec 282014

Here a couple of pictures of a Coyote I spotted on the ice off Fife Bay Marina Lane, Chemong Lake on the morning of Dec. 20. I didn’t see anything on the ice that looked like food.  The Coyote stood there looking around before turning and heading back down toward the Fowler’s Corners end of the lake.  It did stop several times and look back up toward the causeway end before disappearing behind our point.  Maybe there was something that it was tracking that eluded him !!

Nancy Kafik

Coyote on ice - Nancy Kafik

Close-up of Coyote  – Nancy Kafik

Coyote 2 - Nancy Kafik

Coyote on the ice at Fife Bay – Nancy Kafik

Nov 142014

Yesterday, Nov. 13, at around noon, I watched a Coyote trot down Maple Crescent in West End Peterborough (near Wallis Dr. and Parkhill Road). It was a particularly attractive animal with a very furry mane. The Coyote investigated several backyards but didn’t seem concerned by my presence.

Eastern Coyote on Otonabee River - Tom Northey.

Eastern Coyote on Otonabee River – Tom Northey.

Sue Hill, Merino Drive