Apr 292016

The Bloodroot has been blooming for a few days now on the rail-trail near Cumberland Drive in the north end of Peterborough. It has grown in size! Very beautiful!

Margo Hughes

Bloodroot 2 - Apr. 28 - Margo Hughes

Bloodroot - Apr. 28 - Margo Hughes

Bloodroot – Apr. 28 – Margo Hughes

Apr 262016

I went out for a walk on April 20 at Beavermead and Roger’s Cove in the beautiful sunshine. In Roger’s Cove, I found a patch of violets in bloom, on the right side of the trail near the locks.
Carrying on towards Beavermead, I saw a Common Loon fishing in the bay. I also spotted some Coltsfoot blooming nearby. Finally, I walked over towards the creek on the left and saw two painted turtles basking together on a log in the creek. But my favourite sighting has to be the one that I look forward to seeing every year, which is a large patch of blooming Bloodroot, which is in the wooded area creekside behind “The Cabin” chip truck.

Happy Trails,
Catherine Paradisis

Bloodroot - Drew Monkman

Bloodroot – Drew Monkman

Coltsfoot - Drew Monkman

Coltsfoot – Drew Monkman