Drew Monkman

Drew Monkman
Telephone: 705 743-0868

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  4 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Great site, I am glad I found this today. I am very passionate about wildlife and nature and was looking to connect with some locals.

    question.. Was the photo of the Fox kits taken in this area? posted in the photo section under chapter 5 – May

    • Thanks for the kind comments about the site.I’m afraid the fox picture was not taken here. Some of the pictures I’ve used are from out of the Kawarthas. I didn’t have any local fox cub pictures.

  2. I have tried to reach you via your e-mail address, to no avail. I am being told that your email address is not active.

    Anyway, you used the word pishing in an article in the Peterborough Examiner on Thursday Aug. 1, 2013 in relation to the migrating birds. The dictionary states this word as a exclamation for mild contempt, which really doesn’t fit the way you are using the word. Could you please advise what the word means, or if, in fact, this is a misprint.

    Thanks you
    Valerie Gardiner

    • Sorry for not replying earlier, but I just saw your comment this morning. I’m still learning how some of the features (e.g., comments) on my new website work. Pishing refers to a technique birders use to draw birds in closer. It is done by taking a deep breath and softly but quickly repeating the word “pish” as you let the air out in one, drawn-out exhale. The noise comes mostly from the lips. Pishing is very effective with chickadees, nuthatches and the warblers that are often in mixed flocks with chickadees at this time of year. Sometimes the birds will come within three or four feet of the “pisher.” It can be quit amazing. If you go to YouTube, you should be able to find videos of birders pishing.