Feb 102017

At 1 pm on Feb. 9/17, I saw 50+ Snow Buntings on County Road 10, just north of Ida. I didn’t have binoculars with me to check out if there were any other species with them.

Ken Rumble

Flock of Snow Buntings feeding in grain field

Snow Bunting (from Crossley ID Guide)

Feb 102017

I was at Lynde Creek, Whitby, on February 8 and came across this male Red-bellied Woodpecker. Is it true that this species is uncommon in the Kawarthas?

Brian Crangle

Note:  The Red-bellied is not a common woodpecker but its numbers are increasing each year. It now breeds in the Kawarthas south of the Shield and turns up regularly at a number of feeders, especially in wooded areas south of Peterborough. It is occasionally seen in the city, as well.  D.M.

Red-bellied Woodpecker – Lynde Creek, Whitby- Photo by Brian Crangle