May 262013
Varied Thrush (Tony Bigg)

Varied Thrush (Tony Bigg – December, 2008)

Diane Ferguson saw a rare Varied Thrush early this evening at her Jack Lake cottage. The location of the cottage is Con. 16, Lot  11, North Kawartha , Fire Route 896, # 142.  Diane is a birder. (Note: The Varied Thrush is native to western Canada and only rarely turns up in Ontario – D.M.)

Reported by: Sandra Burri



May 262013
Eastern Hog-nosed Snake at Petroglyph P.P. (Andrew Lipscombe - April 2012)

Eastern Hog-nosed Snake at Petroglyph P.P. (Andrew Lipscombe – April 2012)

We live in Cottesloe (Webster Road and 4th Line Dummer) and two days ago our neighbour called to say there was an unusual snake in her garden. She is not a snake person so I went over to find a brown snake. It was quite thick in the main body with a small tail. When I approached it its head flattened out to an arrowhead shape with dark marks on the cheeks. I carefully moved it back to our place and released it into some long grass.  After some research on the web and contacting a naturalist friend I have concluded that it was an Eastern Hog-nosed Snake (grey phase). I understand that they are rare.  (Note: Hog-nosed snakes are a Species at Risk in Ontario and listed as “threatened” – D.M.)

Observer: Alex McCubbin
May 262013

This evening at about 8:25 there was a Common Nighthawk circling over the University Road Wetland which is almost completely dried up which I have never seen before. The only shorebirds present were about 10 Killdeer but it looks like great habitat. There where also about 10 Black Terns over the river just south of Lakefield.

Observer: Luke Berg