Jan 012016

Thirty keen birders spent today, January 1st, in the Peterborough and Petroglyphs areas with by far the most open water ever seen on this trip. This resulted in few birds on the Otonabee River but several surprises elsewhere, including a male Ring-necked Duck on Stony Lake and 3 Northern Shovelers on the Lakefield Lagoons. Altogether 8 waterfowl species were found in the group total of 41. On Highway 28 we found a group of 40 Bohemian Waxwings. At least 30 Evening Grosbeaks and 40 Pine Siskins were at a feeder on Northey’s Bay Road. Up to 3 Red Crossbills were found in Petroglyphs Provincial Park along with Brown Creepers, both nuthatches and our 2nd Northern Shrike, which fed on a large dragonfly !
Other good finds were Sharp-shinned Hawk, a 1st-year Bald Eagle over Stony Lake; a single Snow Bunting, Glaucous and Great Black-backed gulls near the Peterborough Landfill site; 6 Horned Larks on Scriven Road, 3 large flocks of Wild Turkeys and 4 Common Ravens.

Dave Milsom, leader

Bohemian Waxwing (Karl Egressy)

Bohemian Waxwing (Karl Egressy)

Male Evening Grosbeak - Wikimedia

Male Evening Grosbeak – Wikimedia

Red_Crossbill - male - Wikimedia

Red_Crossbill – male – Wikimedia

Horned Lark (by Karl Egressy)

Horned Lark (by Karl Egressy)

Apr 062015

Only 11 birders attended this Easter Sunday Ontario Field Ornithologists (OFO) outing but were rewarded with some very good sightings.
61 species included several highlights : 5 Merlins : 4 at Young’s Point including a mated pair sitting next to their nest; 4 Kestrels ; Osprey at Lakefield; one Bald Eagle on the nest at Lake Katchewenooka and one at Peterborough Dump; 4 Pied-billed Grebes; 16 waterfowl species including 22 Green-winged Teal in a pond near Bailieboro; 3 Greater White-fronted Geese ( 2 at Garden Hill, one at Grist Mill Pond); at least 32 Cackling Geese (31 at Garden Hill); Great Black-backed Gull (1st-year) on the Otonabee River near the Dump with a 1st-year Glaucous Gull; 3 Glaucous over the Dump; 2 adult Iceland Kumlien’s close by; 2 Kumlein adults at Little Lake with a probable Nelson’s Gull; Barn and many Tree swallows over the Otonabee River; 2 Eastern Phoebes, 3 Eastern Meadowlarks, 4 Kingfishers, 3 Pileated Woodpeckers, 5 Horned Larks, Common Raven and Wild Turkeys.

Dave Milsom – milsomdave@hotmail.com

Merlin (Karl Egressy)

Merlin (Karl Egressy)

Tree Swallow - Karl Egressy

Tree Swallow – Karl Egressy

Green-winged Teal

Green-winged Teal

Jan 022015

Twenty-two  birders braved the cold, snow and wind yesterday to record a total of  29 species on our annual Ontario Field Ornithologists January 1st outing. Our best sightings were a Hoary Redpoll with a large flock of Common Redpolls at a feeder on Library Road, off Northey’s Bay Road near Petroglyphs Provincial Park. Nearby 2 more redpoll flocks were seen, as well as a flock of over 30 Evening Grosbeaks. Other finds included 45 Wild Turkeys, 2 Bald Eagles, a 1st-year Iceland Gull, Greater Black-backed Gull, Snowy Owl (at Little Lake in Peterborough), both nuthatches, and several Common Ravens.
Many thanks to Martin Parker and Matthew Tobey for co-leading the tour. Birders are reminded to check the OFO website  for upcoming field trips.
Happy New Year !

Dave Milsom

Evening Grosbeak (male) - Gord Belyea

Evening Grosbeak (male) – Gord Belyea

Hoary Redpoll (L) & Common Redpoll - Wikimedia (Note how white the Hoary is - like hoar frost!)

Hoary Redpoll (L) & Common Redpoll – Wikimedia (Note how white the Hoary is – like hoar frost!)