Jun 062014

A few newspaper journalists are drawing attention to the climate change issue…. but not many!
Toronto Star, June 5
Kitchener_Waterloo) May 16, saying the Greens are the only party discussing climate change seriously.
Peterborough Examiner  June 5, on the need for the Ontario parties to address climate change

Although all of the Liberals, Greens and NDP support some form of carbon pricing in the reply to the Green Prosperity environmental questionnaire , this is NOT supported by the official platforms of the NDP or the Greens. I have just searched the four party platforms for the words “climate”, “carbon”, “cap ” (for cap-and-trade)”, and “greenhouse”.

The NDP –  None of these words mentioned.

Greens  None of these words mentioned.

Conservatives None of the words mentioned.

Liberals say “We will protect our precious Great Lakes and other waters, and show leadership in tackling climate change.” with more detail at click here
where a commitment to tackling climate change is given, but not a carbon tax or cap-and-trade. “We will continue to tackle climate change by investing in better buildings, better transit, cleaner fuels and more coal reductions.”

Pretty dismal response in general!
Alan Slavin

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